So if I go to do the yoga today

I will have gone 9 times in the last 2 weeks.  A few times I have thought twice about going, but I’ve gotten to convincing myself I will be happy I forced myself to go once I am in the studio.  And I am.

You see its too hard to do anything more than try to breathe, do the poses, and not drink water.  So all the annoyances and worries are ignored for an hour and a half.

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  • a trick i USED to do on myself (past tense cuz i haven’t been to the gym since june, i believe) — when i don’t feel like doing the gym, i don’t make the decision at home. i drive myself to the gym and make my decision there. more often than not, i end up working out — and always feel 100 times better.

  • yay for you!!! 😉 and you do bikram – astig! my yoga is limited to the wii fit! hahaha way to go, girl!

  • hi! just came across your blog when I was searching for Bel-Air locale address… Then I saw this blog entry about Yoga. I believe you’re an INC, isn’t it bawal for us to do yoga? Kasi I planned to do yoga but my mom says it’s bawal in our religion… hmmm…? Your thoughts?

  • Yes I am INC. And no, I have not heard that it is bawal, and frankly I can’t see why it would be. There’s no chanting or preaching involved in Bikram…although sometimes I pray I get through the class without fainting…

    Anyway if you find out it isn’t allowed for sure, let me know. I would be very interested to hear why so.

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