What is the english word for “gigil”?

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  • Hey, good question! This is one ‘hard’ Tagalog word for translation. One guy more or less ‘explained/defined’ gigil as this: ‘the irresistible urge to pinch someone because the object/person is well liked/loved”. Gah – que haba!!! :) But, that made sense, doesn’t it? :)

  • Ya Weng thats about as close a description as I can think of din. When I try to explain to my non-Filipino friends I say “like this” while making pinching and squeezing motions with squeaking sounds hahah

  • oo nga no?!… i’ll go with weng’s… kasi di ko rin alam 😀

  • off the topic —> your cute is adorably cute!
    On the topic “gigil” an urge to bite someone like for pregnant women biting their husband :mrgreen:

  • I mean your cat is cute sorry

    off the topic —> your cute is adorably cute!
    On the topic “gigil” an urge to bite someone like for pregnant women biting their husband

  • Thanks Annie I am sure Sophie would have loved some pats and coos 😀

    I agree about the biting! I do get the urge to gnaw repeatedly on my cats neck and husbands shoulder 😛

  • I think the word is “mmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmmm!”

  • it can be “ravish or fascinating”…

  • Come on guys… give me the english word for it, puro definitions ang binibigay nyo e…

  • i think its “going gaga” or “gaga” 😀

  • How about: “I just want to pinch you!” ???????

  • The word you might be looking for is “giddy”.

  • Giddy seems close, but it doesn’t have the GIGGLEGIGGLEPINCHSQUEAKGIGGLE sentiment relayed by “gigil”.

  • There is no one word translation for GIGIL.. I’ve been asking that question for the past 40 years now & trying to figure it out… Weng, you got it spot on defnition-wise! BUT sige – find me THE legitimate fitting one-word translation for GIGIL & you win a prize (o sige kurot nalang sa gigil!)! LOL LOL!! Good luck!

  • The closest synonym of the word in English is “cuddly.”

  • Unfortunately there is no direct translation for ‘gigil’ in English. I often wish there was though since it’s very succinct. (I’m Australian living in Manila)

    As close as you might get is (like Weng said) “To Pinch” though this doesn’t really convey the emotion behind the act which is generally innocent, even if the outcome is painful for the recipient.

    Perhaps another example would be a child that can’t quite communicate well enough to explain a frustration so they grab the nearest object and squeeze the buggery out of it until their arms shake :-)

    If you were to explain ‘gigil’ to someone else in Tagalog, you would end up using quite a few words – same in English, only there isn’t a convenient single word to translate it with.

  • try cutegasm. :)

  • Coddle is what we know to be an exact translation of GIGiL

  • There is no exact one-word English translation, but if you are going to use it in the context of “pinanggigigilan kita” (either positively or negatively)… maybe this expression is the closest “I would like to squeeze the stuffing out of you.” – something akin to teddy-bear cute (positive) or “I would like to shake the dickins (or other word) out of you.” (negative)

  • i think its “feeling of an extreme force” hahaha . right?

  • I think its ‘feeling of an extreme force’ hahaha. right?

  • Gigil is a suppressed:
    NEGATIVE: FUUUU—- rage meme guy.
    POSITIVE: the feeling when Puss in Boots in Shrek does his cute large eye effect.

    Can any English experts out there give a word for it?

  • “Self-regulation”

  • you can show an american the action of gigil and ask him what the word would be for that.

  • Weng was right the first time. Gigil is 2 words in English – “Irresistable Urge”!

  • I think its “cuteness agression” when You see something cute and adorable it inspires agression and irresistable feeling to pinch, hug so hard something or someone is so cute!!! ???? i cant help hugging my baby so tight and Even pinch his face and kiss him so hard.. And i Even bite my teeth and cant help that feeling of agression and hug him so tight! haha!

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