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On a forum: Why is it that

if someone uses the nickname “SeduceMe” I can pretty much say I don’t think much would want to

if someone uses the nickname “GandaKo” you can pretty much figure out how she looks

It’s a bit embarrasing to admit…

but I cannot ride a bike.  But thankfully, SF being the bike-loving city it is, the local bike coalition offers classes for adults.  So!… in October, I get to learn yoohoo!!! It’s actually a senior’s only class, but I emailed to ask if I could join and they said ok.  At least I won’t feel like the oldest person in the group who can’t bike har har har.


This is annoying.  I just typed a recipe for soup and when I pressed publish, it disappeared.

The blog gods are signalling dissatisfaction siguro.


I’m getting kinda broke so am thinking of selling some of the prints I have…most likely the ones that aren’t hanging at home, but are still packed up in their mailing boxes…

so maybe

  • 1 Sas Christian
  • 1 Stella Im Hultberg
  • 1 Audrey Kawasaki (?) but maybe not, the one I have that isn’t on the wall is called Mia & Mai
  • couple others

I better ask J to take some photos this weekend.

Not sure if I should go craigslist or ebay though…hmm

Bus trials

So I’ve not been too lucky riding the bus recently.  I’m standing all the time, and today the express bus I usually take went AWOL so we all had to wait for the next one.  Of course it was as full as heck when it arrived and the muni operator shook his head when I waited by the front door, and signaled for us to enter via the back.

Now I cant understand what it is about most riders that they either (1) dont move back, or when they do (2) they congregate at the rear door and dont move further to the rear.  So what happens is you can’t enter because the bus it too full at the front, and you have a hell of a time getting off.

Damned if I didn’t end up on the rear stairs because the people wouldn’t move back.  It was like we weren’t there, me and 2 other women who were trying to squeeze into about 6″ square of footspace each.  They didn’t even look, grrr.

In despair and annoyance I sort of hurled myself into the bunch of people crowded in the aisle in front of me.  Hee, I thought, what the fuck, I can do a dive…they’ll move.

And they did, hehe.  I got dirty looks, but did the same thing they were doing, and pretended not to see 😛

38 Geary, after 9pm

For the first time since I moved jobs last September, I worked late at the office.

Now I’ve got remote access so I hardly stay past 5:30 (I’ve gotten spoiled now that I know I can be home in 20mins via the express, which ends its runs at 6pm) — but we were all pitching in to get some sets out for bid today. And 9pm found me walking from Jackson square down to Market St. to catch a bus.

Shit, I’ve forgotten that all the riffraff and stinky wierdos of San Francisco crawl out of their godforsaken holes and ride the Muni at night.

In that one busride from hell, I had 3 stinky dirty homeless/drunk men standing right beside me and I’m not kidding I wanted to hurl.  One of them kept stepping on the back exit step-down at every stop, would call people to enter and get a ride…and this fucking guy really slowed the ride to a crawl.  Now that had the pleasant effect of making his wonderful aroma really fester.  It was so unjust…most of the people in the bus looked tired and ready to go home and I felt so aggrieved by the fact that we had to put up with this smelly parasite who didn’t even pay fare.  Hay nako this is so un-PC but I really did wish he found a treasure trove of alcohol (which he reeked of) or ice (which he looked like he would enjoy)  so he could get a free ride to his crackhouse of the afterlife.

Oh yeah, 2 idiots also started pushing each other on the bus and ended up “taking it outside” and I would have bothered to listen more intently to their yells and grunts when they got off, but I couldn’t muster the energy to give a shit.


I’d been getting my hair cut by the same person since I moved to SF, and although he is a really cool guy I was thinking maybe I needed to find some place (1) cheaper so I could afford to cut my hair more than 1x or 2x a year, and (2) closer to me than the total diagonal opposite of where we life in SF…so when a stylist I had been reading about opened her bookings to new clients I decided to make an appointment.

That was last month, and although the cut cost 1/2 what my guy’s cost…she spent about 15-20min instead of the hour he did, her place was no way as nice as his, and there was neither a shampoo nor a dry…not even towel-dry ha. And walking out into 40some degree foggy evening SF weather with dripping wet hair is nooooot fun.

Besides, there was something I just didn’t like about my cut but I could not put a finger on it.

Today I decided to pony up for another cut, by someone else again…but it was $35 and a mile or so down our street only. Good reviews online (again) but with my experiences that doesn’t always count for much.

Well he took a look at me and said…ah you dont fix your hair so we do wash and wear ok…and…shorter, but not too short, and remove the dry ends, and then cut to follow the shape of head…because your hair…is square


square?…SQUARE!!!…that’s what he said, and he was


Putangina I’ve been darth vader for a month and I couldnt figure it out.


It’s pretty chilly here nowadays and although anytime is a good time to have some chocolate, this is an especially great time for some warm creamy hot chocolate! I’ve been trying not to eat too much sweets but nowadays I cant resist. I use splenda though, so hopefully that makes it a bit better (and not as hypocritical as eating chicharon bulaklak with…diet coke heehe)

I usually do 2 tablespoons of unsweetened chocolate powder (now I’m using Ghiradelli but Hershey’s unsweetened isn’t too bad either), 1 cup of milk (or 1/2 cup lowfat milk and 1/2 cup water), some lavender sea salt – salt is very important! it gives you that counterpoint to the sweetness, and some drops of vanilla. I mix all the dry stuff in a pan with a bit of the milk until I get a paste, then add the rest of the liquid, bring everything close to (but not to) a boil. Pop in a mug, add the splenda and drinky drinky.

Tonight I tried doing something sortof Mexican chocolatey using regular salt, and adding some cinnamon powder and a pinch of chili powder. Yummy! You should try it this way too.  I’m sure it would be delicious topped with whipped cream but then thats abit too decadent for me right now.

Babaw joys

Well I did 2 things for the first time today…and I’m mighty pleased.

First, I actually printed a mailing label and paid online, and left the package outside our door for the mailman to take. How cool is that? For someone like me, the USPS is a wonderful thing. I can just imagine trying to do that in the Phils…where if a stranger doesn’t steal your package, then someone from the post office will. I had never even understood the phrase “the check is in the mail” until I got here.

Next, after being in SF for 2 years I finally got to ride the BART alone. I had always been stressed out by the idea of getting tickets from a machine (When I was in Shanghai and needed to ride the subway I would just pop coins in and pick a stop that looked like where I thought I was going…and then prayed, and believe me, prayer didnt work all of the time heh) but after popping in my AMEX which the machine turned out not to accept (heh again) I finally placed some bills in and got my $7.00 ticket, and then after that it was just like riding the MRT in Manila pala hahaha. I love that they have this booklet with the map and all the fares and times the trains arrive, if only the freaking Muni were as predictable.

Hair that makes you go “Wha??”

Javier Bardem

Luma na yan, actually.