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Give Romeo a hand

Over the past few weeks, several dogs taken in or rescued by PAWS were found to be in need of special medical care: there’s Iris and Lady who are both being treated for heartworm, John Lloyd for liver problems, Malcolm for severe demodectic mange.

Fortunately, all these dogs have gotten sponsors somehow for their treatment.

Yesterday morning, after a week of waiting to be rescued, “Romeo”- a thin dog with an injured leg roaming in the Greenhills area – was finally taken into the PAWS shelter.

Rescuers had to shuttle him from the PAWS clinic to a clinic with an x-ray. Romeo – sweet dog though he was- was in such pain, his snout had to be tied to keep him from biting the gentle hands which held his injured leg against the x-ray machine.

When the x-ray came out, it was obvious now why Romeo was in great pain: his hind leg was broken clear into two (see attached x-ray). Romeo needs to have a bone-pin operation that PAWS would be unable to afford.

Our choices:
1. leave him to heal on his own while giving him pain-killers. His bones will eventually fuse but he will be walking with one short hind leg for the rest of his life.
2. get him that bone-pin surgery he needs by asking help from supporters

We decided, of course, to try course of action #2 first by posting this message. Approximate cost of the operation is P15,000 (or perhaps less if we get some kindhearted veterinary surgeon to just charge us the cost of the meds and surgical materials)

Please, if any of you who are subscribed here would want to pitch in to help with Romeo’s surgery, send us a email indicating the amount that you pledge to deposit to our PNB account on or before September 30, 2008.

Account details:
Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
PNB Current Account No. 072-830174-0
PNB Branch: PNB Financial Center (Main Branch)
*important: please send email first indicating the amount and when the deposit will be made or send us validated deposit slip via fax 475-1688 with the note- “For Romeo” plus your name and mailing address- where we can send the official receipt.

Thank you.

-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

You may also email us at philpawsATyahooDOTcom
or call up PARC (the PAWS Shelter) at 475-1688.


Our heartfelt thanks to those who responded immediately to Romeo’s case.

We were able to gather the quoted amount of P15,000 within only three (3) days from posting the alert. We had to inform the others who wanted to donate that the full amount has already been gathered by yesterday,Sept 29,2008:

Thank you to these angels who were the first to give their pledges:
1. Peachy S – P2,000
2. Popi L – P2,000
3. Adele F – P4,000
4. Elizabeth F – P8,000

Thank you to those who got in touch with us later wanting to send more but we would like to advise them to please hold on to their donations first until we get further updates from Dr. Nielsen Donato of Vets in Practice next week.

Dr. Donato says Romeo is not yet fit for surgery and they would have to see if he will improve in 5 days. What they did for the meantime is realign the broken bone (while dog was sedated) and bandaged it. They will see if the bone will fuse or heal correctly on its own.

We will update all donors and provide an accounting of the vet bills and payments.

PAWS would also like to thank Ms. Sue H who pledged to shoulder the hospitalization bill for Romeo’s first few days at Vets in Practice ( from Sept 26 up to Sept 29).

Thank you very much, in behalf of Romeo.

God bless all of you!

-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society

The economy

I was in Las Vegas last friday to do a site survey (boy, was it hot.  I cant believe how spoiled I’ve become about the weather na… what will I do when I go home to Maynila), and when I was there, at about 4pm, I got a call from our group lead and she told me that my company had decided to let go of some folks because of workload and performance.  I had no inkling, and was quite freaked out at how quick it was done…

And just the day before I had been walking to the bus with one of them, and she was telling me she was worried about our slow period at the office and I said “Ya, but we just need to ride things through, and now is a good opportunity to learn etc etc” and the next day she was gone and I didn’t even get to pat her back bye.

Little pleasures

I just spent a day and a half in Phoenix and I have to tell you that measuring a space that didn’t have the AC on in a building that doesn’t have operable windows at 3pm in the Arizona heat with only 2gulps of water in my flask is not too fun.

My hotel however, was a short walk away from the site, and was way better than the Holiday Armpit hotel of San Diego, and when I entered my room I took a quick shower, got a cold bottle of water and lay on the softsoftbed and watched those cop-detective-fbi tv shows I never get to see at home.

And the next day, the building engineer turned on the AC in the remaining units I needed to survey.  I finished 2 hours earlier than scheduled and didn’t miss my flight like I did 2 trips ago.  Good seat on the plane, quick shuttle ride from OAK to home.  Husband waiting, cat meowing.


Freeway freakoutway

Going to work now feels like I have finally emerged from an underground hellhole and although I know I am doing things I used to do before…shoosh, I am really appreciating things.  I think for the past 2 weeks I have told J daily “man, I love my new job…” and I am sure he is happy because for 2 years he had listened to my whining and griping and pity party sessions. Heheh.

Now this new job of mine…it involves some travelling.  So the plan is that in the next 2 weeks I will be in San Diego and Oregon to do some site visits…and on Tuesday this week I have a meeting in Pleasanton which is about 45 or so miles from SF via the 580 freeway.

And believe it or not I have never driven that way and I am shit scared.  Today J and I drove from our apartment to Marin (via 101N) then cut through 37 to Vallejo / American Canyon because the traffic back looked deadly.  From there we missed the exit and ended up doing a U at American Canyon.  Then a restroom stop in Pinole (where we ended up getting diet cokes in a bar that looked like it belonged in a movie like Deerhunter hehe), then a stop at Emoryville to get a drink and wait for the sun to set a bit at Ikea, then back on the freeway to SF.  Shit stressssssssful.  But not as bad as I thought.

So I think I will try to gather courage to do the drive to Pleasanton alone, but worst case I guess I can take the BART and then the bus or a taxi.  Then I will definitely practice again this coming weekend so I get the hang of things.

Oh and J bought us a GPS haay salamat can’t wait for it to arrive.


It is only my fear of how nothing is ever lost once it is on the internet that prevents me from doing a full blown rant about my late but not great job. Suffice to say that if not for the fact that I got a work visa because of it I would not have toiled at that dungeon. I had terrific coworkers and the work, because it was something new and there was a lot to learn, was interesting. Pero yung may ari nakow…nakakainsulto ang trato sa akin para talaga akong 2ndclass na tao. Mantakin nyo bang tawagin akong “lowest person on the totem pole” sa harap ko. 😛 Shoosh. Mabuti pa wag na isipin. Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

I really tried to get over the aggravation and just do my work, but things came to a head last July when he was really on my back about a job I was working on (which wasn’t even mine — I took over for a coworker who was on leave). I just thought “Puta nakakadegrade na ito talaga” and after some resume polishing assistance from J, sent my resume to each and every company that put out an ad looking for someone (at times even vaguely) like me.

The first interview found me barfingly nervous. But surprisingly it went well. Corporate interiors, some architecture, project management in the future if I wanted etc etc etc. Yummy! I think they got spooked when I told them all the requirements for processing a work visa transfer and that was it, they chose someone else. Hay, I was quite despondent.

And then came the next interview, and the next, and the next, and the next. And I have to say, by the time I was on my last couple interviews I had the talk down so pat the words would roll off my mouth so smooooth hahah. I was most interested in 2 companies and got job offers from both of them.

In the end I decided to work with the smaller company (not small small, there are about 30 people, but the other one was a 250 person firm) because the job description allowed for more exposure in project management. And the people seemed very nice too.

Anyway, resigning was a pain. Mostly because my leaving came just a few weeks after one of my coworkers left. And in an office of 10 thats quite a loss in manpower. Plus I think the owner never saw it (my leaving) coming. It went from “What??? You dont want to resign…youre learning soo much here..interiors is for stupid people…this is the hard work…the HARD WORK.” (translation in my mind: were not done bleeding you cadmonkey yet) to “You screwed me you’re supposed to work here for 3 years thats our contract” (translation in my mind: “I didn’t read the employment letter that said employment is ‘at will’ but if I freak you out and bully you I can make you stay for 3 years you cadmonkey) till (1) I didn’t bother listening further because (2) I didnt give a flying foofoo anymore.

But hey, last day is tomorrow 😀 And then on Monday I will be taking the bus and walking from Market St. to just off Jackson Square. Theres lots to be nervous about starting a new job, but then happy thoughts happy thoughts.

Little drummer girl…

ME!!!  I am starting work with a new company soon.

more later, just wanted to share the good news :)

This interviewing thing…

it’s not so bad. The first time I had one set I was 45minutes early and my stomach was queasifying the entire time I waited. When I knocked on the office door I was faint with nervousness. Once I sat down though things went a-ok.

2nd time. Not so bad. It was a sort of get to know you lunch and I was much calmer, had thought of my answers more. Was able to say that right now I just want to get back to what I love doing and what I am good at, so please tell me about your company too.

Afterwards I think about what was said, and then try to rework some items so I am better able to express myself.

At the least after all of this I would have developed some speaking skills heeh.
Oh, and excerpt from meeting kanina.

J: So what do you like doing.

M: I like managing projects, working on the problems, doing details, documentation, schedules, costs, all the background nittygritty that needs to be done to get a project running well.  I design fairly well, but my joy is in the other things.

J: Oh, so you’re a drummer.

M: Eh?

J: Its like in a band, everyone wants to be the lead singer or lead guitar, not much want to be a drummer in the background, but the drums are essential…

M:  True…ya, I guess I like drumming.

So, I’m a drummer pala hehehe. 

Loot & intent

One of the things I like about shopping here is the sales. Theres no way you can compare sales in Manila to what they have here…like “take an additional 40% off this 50% pair of sneakers”

Thats how I ended up with this.

allegedly for running


for porma only

Heaven knows I really need to exercise…the most I’ve done recently is chase the bus while carrying a venti latte.

I also finally got to buy new jeans. A pair of generic Calvin Kleins for 12 bucks at Ross, and a pair of True Religion Bobbys for about half off at Nordstrom rack. I was itching to buy a DVF wrap dress that was in my size for less than 100 , but thankfully I resisted the urge, or else I would be worrying about how much I would have to make baon lunch so I could save enough money to pay for my credit card bill.
In my line of work I deal with a lot of codes, the building code, the fire code, the ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) etc etc etc.

It’s a lot to know but as Tony, our PM says — its the intent that you really need to know, then things come easier.

Nerdy trivia:

The ADAAG requires that there be exactly 1 1/2 inches clearance between the edge of a wall and a handrail. Why? so people leaning on the handrail dont have their upper arms slide and get stuck between the handrail and the wall.

Visual Room identification signs (room names in thickened text and braille) must be mounted on the latch (knob) side of the door. Why? So a visually impaired person who is trying to read the sign (words or braille) doesnt get banged on when someone opens the door.

Intent. I love it.

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Murphy at work

I had almost started to believe that it was possible to have a project completed without glitches. Excellent contractor. Decent budget. Workable timeframe. Decisive and reasonable client.

I spoke too soon. The carpet subcon did not deliver the carpet to site the night before it was supposed to be installed. When I followed up I was told that the shipment had arrived at the pier last week, but as the boxes were shipped as “loose cargo” the entire lot had gone missing. There was supposedly no point in presenting the bills of lading as they were all in Chinese characters.

Yeah right. Smelled fishy to me. And I said so.

At 10pm that night the supplier called and said he had found that the carpet was actually not shipped, but had been shipped that day with ETA at the port on 20 July. Shit. With the 3 days needed to clear Customs that would translate to a 10 day delay.

I must be getting a bit used to these sort of fuckups because all I really did was present scenarios (1) carpet arrives 20 July, (2) carpet arrives later than 20 July (3) carpet never arrives because supplier is a fucking liar who lied once before about having shipped the carpet — and present options (1) delay the furniture installation until carpet arrives (2) install temporary carpet, install furniture on sliding supports, soft wire electrical and IT, start office operations, replace carpet in batches when it arrives, or (3) select alternate carpet tile from available stock.

The client chose to delay the installation and wait for the carpet. Good. That’s easiest for everyone involved.

Next comes the blinds.

The blinds supplier was recommended by the Building Property Management as he had installed in the building previously. The client awarded the contract to him because he presented the lowest cost (there isn’t much design input here because the building requires a standard type and color of blinds) and was accredited by the building.

Well Mr. Smart Blinds Guy apparently assumed we would be building a low wall to cover the glass curtain wall, so he makes the blinds 2 feet shorter than they should be.


What irked me was that he started blaming us (the “designer”) because he had supposedly asked Aeroin (who was in charge of the design) about this and Aeroin had said yes we would build a wall to cover the glass.

** To us in Corporate Interiors, such an idea is a major no-no. Buildings never allow the glass and mullions tampered with, or even touched.

It also turns out the guy did not do an actual measurement of the floor below (as reference for installed blinds sizes), despite being instructed to do so, and signing that he had done so.

After much too-ing and fro-ing I sort of lost my patience and told him that he had quoted for all items required to complete the blinds, had signed that he read and understood the building guidelines (this was part of the conforme) and that sorry, no, he could not bill the client (who wasn’t willing to pay anyway). So tough titty, kagatin mo pare.

The guy then started to whine about how it was his own money he invested and that the 15,000 cost differential would hurt him, and that we should pity him because his was a small business. Paano naman daw sya. Boo hoo hoo. Whine whine whine.

I said “You fucking loser, you are whining about 15,000 bucks and walking around with a droopy lip and here I am trying to fix this stupid problem because of course your fucking installation will be delayed and I can’t think too straight because I am worrying about my cancer-stricken mother, the fucking state of our economy, my spouse visa, my goddam stomach has a fucking scar because the doctor took my gallbladder out, and the scar is itching like crazy, and I just really really want to get out of here now and have a fucking cup of coffee and some lunch because its 4pm and I am still listening to your skinny ass boohoohoo ing!”

Not the Blinds guy

Ha ha ha. Just kidding :)

I actually told him (1) that it was really unprofessional of him to start whining and begging, and (2) I didn’t care about the fact that he was making money off the contract, so why should I care that he was losing some money out of his own omissions. Charge it to experience bud. I’ve lost 20 times more money than that and I didn’t utter a peep in front of the client.

I’m still a bit appalled at his whinyness and fingerpointing. I’ve always been of the idea that you need to discuss all work related business professionally.

Maybe if he explained better and was less accusatory I would have been less unbending. Then again, work’s work — so maybe not.

That’s one supplier I will never work with again.

The excitement of project management. You gotta love it.