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What is it

about these people that they again use melamine in food products???

Serial killers.

Is it a sign of aging

that I am getting intolerant of cutesy-poo and saccharine remarks more and more and find it increasingly difficult to make myself give a tolerant pokerface?  Thankfully, I have also learned the value of controlling myself and keeping silent, or even leaving for a bit to cool down instead of giving people a blast of what I think.

But man, is it hard sometimes.

Message of Fear

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_sidebar() in /home/spacemai/public_html/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php on line 31

You know that sinking feeling in your gut, well I got it with an extra dose of regret when I tried upgrading my WordPress installation to version 2.5.1 without backing up and got that on my screen…

Thankfully there was really helpful lady on who helped and told me there was a conflict between the latest WordPress install and K2, my template.

In the end I found that it was a plugin called Disable WordPress Widgets, that I used in conjunction with the K2 template, that caused it.

So if you use K2 and this happens — just bypass your dashboard and go to and disable the plugin.  Or go via ftp and rename the plugin file.  That should solve things, if you’re lucky (like me)

BTW there’s an updated K2 V6 that works with WP 2.5.1


This is annoying.  I just typed a recipe for soup and when I pressed publish, it disappeared.

The blog gods are signalling dissatisfaction siguro.

Bus trials

So I’ve not been too lucky riding the bus recently.  I’m standing all the time, and today the express bus I usually take went AWOL so we all had to wait for the next one.  Of course it was as full as heck when it arrived and the muni operator shook his head when I waited by the front door, and signaled for us to enter via the back.

Now I cant understand what it is about most riders that they either (1) dont move back, or when they do (2) they congregate at the rear door and dont move further to the rear.  So what happens is you can’t enter because the bus it too full at the front, and you have a hell of a time getting off.

Damned if I didn’t end up on the rear stairs because the people wouldn’t move back.  It was like we weren’t there, me and 2 other women who were trying to squeeze into about 6″ square of footspace each.  They didn’t even look, grrr.

In despair and annoyance I sort of hurled myself into the bunch of people crowded in the aisle in front of me.  Hee, I thought, what the fuck, I can do a dive…they’ll move.

And they did, hehe.  I got dirty looks, but did the same thing they were doing, and pretended not to see 😛

38 Geary, after 9pm

For the first time since I moved jobs last September, I worked late at the office.

Now I’ve got remote access so I hardly stay past 5:30 (I’ve gotten spoiled now that I know I can be home in 20mins via the express, which ends its runs at 6pm) — but we were all pitching in to get some sets out for bid today. And 9pm found me walking from Jackson square down to Market St. to catch a bus.

Shit, I’ve forgotten that all the riffraff and stinky wierdos of San Francisco crawl out of their godforsaken holes and ride the Muni at night.

In that one busride from hell, I had 3 stinky dirty homeless/drunk men standing right beside me and I’m not kidding I wanted to hurl.  One of them kept stepping on the back exit step-down at every stop, would call people to enter and get a ride…and this fucking guy really slowed the ride to a crawl.  Now that had the pleasant effect of making his wonderful aroma really fester.  It was so unjust…most of the people in the bus looked tired and ready to go home and I felt so aggrieved by the fact that we had to put up with this smelly parasite who didn’t even pay fare.  Hay nako this is so un-PC but I really did wish he found a treasure trove of alcohol (which he reeked of) or ice (which he looked like he would enjoy)  so he could get a free ride to his crackhouse of the afterlife.

Oh yeah, 2 idiots also started pushing each other on the bus and ended up “taking it outside” and I would have bothered to listen more intently to their yells and grunts when they got off, but I couldn’t muster the energy to give a shit.

Extended wait

The sweater I ordered is really pretty…but a size too big. Shit it takes a week or so to ship back from NY, add some days processing and then another week to get the right size to me. Arrrg.

On the other hand, I did end up buying something else online, a pair of those selvedge jeans…

Jean Shop front

now these fit fine, but are about 6 inches too long. Oks na din, I can fold them inward and tape them until I decide how long I want them to be.


Can you believe it?

Gone Dude

I’m relatively new to my office, but in time I’ve been there I’ve grown fond of some people — Dude being one of them. Now this Dude, he gives me a big smile and says “kumusta” or hey!!! or good morning Mia! everytime I walk in, and on most Fridays we get a mass email saying “doughnuts on the kitchen counter!” from him.

I’ve never worked with him on any project, (in fact we are on opposite ends of the office and only talk by the kitchen really) but I guess things have not been working out for him and the work because last week after not seeing him for a few days I asked Cynthia, who sits beside me “wheres the Dude?”. She didn’t know but asked around and was told he was on a site survey. “Ahh, so that’s why” I thought.

Wrong, apparently he’s no longer with our office and although I am pretty sure the office must have had reason and gone through all the legal steps etc etc (they can’t be as garapal as a Manila office could’ve been, what with lawsuits and all..) I just feel shitty and sorry and sad about it.

I had been speaking with him and his wife just the Friday before (he apparently was told on a Monday) during our office holiday party and I really liked his wife she was half-pinay and funny. He seemed quite optimistic about work, and etc etc I think it just sucks to be let go a week before Christmas talk about fucking depressing I really do hope he ends up in a good place and I wish I could have said bye — come to think of it when this happens what do you say – hell at the least I would have patted him on the back and given him a hug.

In 3s redux

First I got a cardboard cut (sort of like a papercut but from opening a box of Krispy Cremes…which I took as a sign that I should not get any)

Then I got a papercut right over my cardboard cut…real 30″ x 42″ white paper this time

Then I forgot about it, and decided to season my pochero and dunked my cut finger into a container of salt.