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Oh wow

I am not even a citizen, but I do pay taxes. So it was a nervous thing to not be able to vote and have a say. But when Barack Obama  won I felt like it was the Edsa revolution, when people were in the streets and there was all that pride and possibility.

(Well, you know what came after…but) this now is really breathtaking.


Friday, J and I decided to play hooky and get a headstart on the Labor Day sales so we headed off to the Vacaville outlet stores. J was particularly interested in checking out the Burberry outlet store (their suits fit him perfectly, but he is a 40L and for some reason there are hardly any of this size suits on sale…) and I was looking for a jacket to replace my Nice Collective Holey Armpit jacket. You see, I just realized that in most of my photos I am wearing this…and it really is battered.

We left SF at around lunchtime so we decided to pass by Vallejo to get some lunch. And I saw online that Sonoma Blvd had a lot of pinoy places so we headed there and ended up at Goldilocks for lunch. Not my first choice but apparently I had chosen a place that closed and was now a mattress store or something like that. So Goldilocks it was, and they had a portion of the restaurant as Ongpin express and we had the 2-ulam meals (bistek, kare kare, lechon paksiw, lumpia) but the highlight of this meal was the platter of chicharon bulaklak we ordered as an afterthought. Vein chilling joy.

Truthfully, I don’t think outlet shopping gives me the thrill I imagined it would. After going around the entire place I left with 2 lightweight jackets ($25 each) and 2 dresses (grey and black, both for about $30) from the Gap. You know, I think I am getting a renewed fondness for this shop, they just have the generics I like.

Oh and a bag of pretzels and maui-onion-horseradish dip that we ate while sipping some gatorade sitting on the grass in a hidden shady place we discovered, while we waited for our hothothot car seats to cool down.

Going back, as I saw the fog rolling in to cover us, I felt like cheering.

P.S. We reheated the chicharon in the oven 3 days after, and it’s still goodgood.

It’s a bit embarrasing to admit…

but I cannot ride a bike.  But thankfully, SF being the bike-loving city it is, the local bike coalition offers classes for adults.  So!… in October, I get to learn yoohoo!!! It’s actually a senior’s only class, but I emailed to ask if I could join and they said ok.  At least I won’t feel like the oldest person in the group who can’t bike har har har.

It’s great to be with friends on a nice day. With food.