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This is annoying.  I just typed a recipe for soup and when I pressed publish, it disappeared.

The blog gods are signalling dissatisfaction siguro.

That archetypical pinay with poorly straightened hair

Grabe asar the lady at the front desk of this armpit of a hotel in San Diego was such a grade-A rude bitch. And I have a feeling she recognized that I was Pinoy (like she was, only my hair wasn’t cheaply straightened like hers was, and I can speak english, albeit without that EEEEnnglish accent that she had) and gave me this condescending attitude. This is so bizarre but it came to a point when she told me only elite members of the Priority Club could get nonsmoking rooms… and that fucking buntunghininga and eyeroll that made me want to grab her across the counter so I could throw her on the floor and stomp on her ugly flat face.

Motherfucker. In Manila I would not hobnob with pa-cute lowlifes like her, who probably came from a secondary saint school. Yuk.

Anyway, I really complained to the manager, in as non-seething and calm a way as possible. I totally understood that they were understaffed because of the fire evacuations and all and I dont hold that against them, but that lady at the front desk, she was the most inhospitable person I have ever encountered in that position.

Fuck you Christine from Holiday Inn Downtown San Diego, youre an unprofessional liar and I hope you get a talking to. Actually I hope you get fired heeh.

On CA-80

Cable car kuno

Ferry Foodarama

One of the joys of living in San Francisco is going to the Saturday Ferry Plaza Market. Some would say “the Alemany one is better” and “Ferry Plaza overpriced tourist trap and parking is a bitch blah blah” but really it is soooo fine and when you’re there and the sun is out while you’re sitting on a bench drinking your iced coffee and staring at the bay bridge across the water after getting your goodies you know the weekend has just started and work is far away, for another day at least.

I really like:

Marshall’s Honey

5 star Star Thistle, Napa Valley Wildflower. I like my honey crystallized and it comes out almost the consistency of peanut butter so you can spread it over toast and butter or (how I do it) eat it with a spoon.

Bella Viva Orchards dried orange slices

Thin and chewy sweet-tart snacks. I keep the leftover rind-rings for the smell.

Cowgirl Creamery cheeses

The lines may be daunting, and the crowd makes it difficult to browse, but its worth the wait to get the Mt. Tam double cream cheese which I would say is a people-pleaser, (and the St. Pat/Pierce Pt seasonal variations are pretty good too) But if you’re in a hurry just grab some cheese from the cooler — 1 round of Mt. Tam, some Mozzarella di Bufala (great with olive oil, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and salt — or — with anchovies, garlic, sliced tomatoes, and olive oil sizzling on a pan), and if you’re lucky you’ll find some Burrata, which is sort of like a bag of fresh mozzarella filled with buttery cream and mozzarella bits (this one you just pop open in a low bowl, drizzle with some olive oil and rock salt, then sop up with crusty bread) Tangina cholesterol joy.

Lagier Farms grapes

little sweet smelling pinky-green seedless grapes with really thin skins so they explode in your mouth. They are so sweet they almost dont taste like grape but honey…or aratilis (if you know what that is)

Andante Dairy cheeses

My current obsession. Meltyshly delicious. I will try all their cheeses.

I’ve been drooling over their website trying to decide what to get and so far I’ve bought three.

Picolo is a triple cream cow cheese.  Rich and creamy but not nakakaumay.  Dont have too much ha you might raise your cholesterol +++ hahah

Acapella is a goat cheese that comes in a small disk. It is creamy and has that “bite” of goatiness. I liked it with a bit of quince jelly on toasted baguette slices.

Metronome is a mixed milk cheese, tangy and rich. Mine was quite ripe so part of the cheese was almost liquid and gooped out once I sliced the cheese. This one you can use your finger to make simot every dribble from the cheese plate.

I like how the goat cheeses have that goaty quality but don’t reek of it. The Ferry Plaza prices are way better than the Wholefoods prices. Plus free taste pa!

Blue Bottle Coffee

We like our coffee with milk so we go with Yemen, Giant Steps, Three Giants and Mesa delos Santos. They have some specials like the Ethiopian Wotona we bought today (supposedly bright and fruity but can take milk well).

When I feel daring I pick up a glass of their chicory-laced New Orleans iced coffee. I say daring because about 15minutes after I drink my coffee my stomach goes crazy and sends me rushing to the nearest restroom of peace (which happens to be in a parking building 2 blocks away).

June Taylor Jams

delicious with buttered crumpets. I like the Blood Orange marmalade, and just got a jar of the Blackberry Lemon Verbena.

Fatted Calf charcuterie salumi

I love the rabbit rillette and merguez, while J likes the duck crepinettes. Got a pack of rabbit boudin today and will update once I’ve gobbled it.

More to follow…

Proud owner

of a California driver’s license = me!!!

This is how it went:

Erika took the exam a week before I did and the DMV test guy was a very nice Pinoy man. He didn’t do anything sneaky, he was just nice and calm and didn’t make her feel nervous. So she passed, 13 mistakes out of a max of 15, and none of those deadly CDEs (the CRITICAL!!! DRIVING!!! ERROR!!! that means sudden death for your license).

When the day came for me to take the test my stomach was all butterflies again. I kept hoping to get that same tester. I was at the DMV early so I could drive around a bit, then we J and I parked the car and went in the DMV. I was told to go out and take the car to the test waiting area about 15minutes before my scheduled test, but in my nervousness and stressiness I was there about 20minutes prior.

Ogad I saw Mr. Kind Noypi he was going towards me!!! He peered at the permit I had on my dashboard and then looked at the permit of the driver waiting beside me. He goes, “Ah I’ll take this, the earlier appointment” and started giving the girl in the car next to me the exam. Holycrap. I was so dejected :(

I waited and waited and waited, until 2 other drivers parked beside me waiting for their exam. It was almost 20minutes and no one had come out of the DMV yet. Arrrg tagal.

Then 2 ladies came out and started walking towards us. Testers! Shit, it’s almost time pa naman for Mr. Kind Noypi to come back. Pota. I wanted to scream!!! in frustration.

Then I got the panicky idea to go to the bathroom so I called J on the cell and asked him to come to the car because I had to go wee. I asked the lady tester if I could go to the restroom and she was nice and said “Of course”. So off I ran.

I hung out in the restroom praying for Mr. Noypi, and then when I felt there was nothing more I could do I walked back to the test area. No more lady testers, they both left with the 2 drivers that were waiting with me.

Then I saw Mr. Noypi and his testee, she was smiling. Goodgoodgood she passed. Shit I kept saying Comeherecomehere to me to me to me.

And he did. And I passed! 13 out of 15 mistakes!



I didn’t pass my practical driving exam :S   Gad ang hirap pala.

Not your normal ride

Bryant and 16th St. – Potrero Center:

I’ve just gotten a seat on the 33 bus going home. In go Hispanic couple: woman in 20s, tight jeans, the largest stomach I’ve seen on a nonpregnant woman this year, tight shirt that goes halfway down her stomach. man also in his 20s, wearing jeans and a ratty tshirt, with…a handtowel…tied around his forehead (karate kid de mexico).

Anyway, the thing is…they start kissing passionately 2 rows in front of me. And while they kiss with closed eyes, the lady’s leg is slung over the man’s thigh…and he alternately squeezes her thigh/ass and her stomach.

18th and Castro:

People get on the bus. 2 men end up sitting in front of kissing couple. 2 men give disgusted look at couple and stare at them (waiting for them to get embarassed and stop? that was what i was thinking)…anyway, didn’t work. Kissing lipid couple keep kissing. Soooo…cant beat them? Join them.

2 men start kissing in front of kissing couple. Kissing couple stops. gapes. stops for good.

Haight St:

Both couples get off bus. Salamat. 2 “Hipsters” get on and sit a few rows behind me. We’re only a few people on the bus now…

Hipboy: Wow, this is the first time we’re riding the bus together…

Hipgirl: Wow…cool…

Hipboy and Hipgirl sound like they’re in the kilig or maybe getting to know you stage…inane conversation continues…until

Hipgirl: Hey you know that girl with long hair?

Hipboy: The skinny one?

Hipgirl: Yeah!!!

Hipboy: (sneeringly) She’s a piece of SHIT!

Hipgirl: (shocked/indignant) Shes my SISTER!!!

Silence so golden…

Hipboy: Well, she’s ok I mean…


Finally off that bizarre 33 bus. Now I’m waiting for the 31 bus. Good old boring 31 on its Richmond route.

31 arrives. I get on. Didn’t wait too long, good.

Would you believe there was a large man in a wheelchair dressed as a pharoah? Complete with that gold and black headdress?

Pharoahs hat

Hairy scary on the bus

the lady beside me who was in her mid-20s maybe, kept pulling strands off her head and looking at the root of each strand she got, and then she would transfer the hair to her other hand which was cupped open holding a bunch of pulled hairs.

Scary, but also sad.

Prudent investor on the bus

I’m somewhere in the back, this happens at the front part of the bus.

Oldish man in hardhat gets on bus, sits beside man in dreadlocks.

Man in dreads: Morning, man

Man in hardhat: Morning

Dreads: You going to work, man?

Hardhat: What? Work?!! I haven’t worked since ’73!!!

Dreads: Oh, I just thought since you were wearing a hat….

Hardhat: Ah this..(points to hat)…Well I figure, I went to school and spent a lot of money on it…so gotta protect me investment (points to head)


RJ and I dropped J off at the airport yesterday and he is now in Manila. I know it is a bit wussy but I already miss him.

It actually wasn’t too bad during the day because I got to watch Munich (great must-see movie btw) and had dinner with JD and his family (he’s a friend of J and RJ) — but when I got home and looked around I started getting a bit sad. It was so quiet :( and weird that I wasn’t waiting for him to come home.

Argh. 2 weeks isn’t long really. We’ve spent 4 years apart so I just have to suck it up a bit.

J got me a new pair of running shoes the day before he left so I think I’ll exercise a bit while he is gone. I’ve been chomping way too much this holiday season anyway.

I got a mobile phone shortly after I arrived here and when we went to the shop to look at the models I was pretty surprised to see how backward the US models were. Clamshells seem pretty popular too, much more than back home.

Anyway, I’m not really a phone aficionado – all I want is a phone with a large address book / memory that is small enough to just pop in your backpocket and sturdy enough for a butterfinger like me.

I ended up with a Samsung SGH-X497.

It’s pretty basic and it isn’t ugly plus it was cheap (haha). The thing with this phone is that it has an external volume button that when pressed for a few seconds makes the phone go on silent mode. So when the phone is in my pocket and I bend or move a bit…. BONGO there goes the phone on silent mode. I once missed 4 calls in a day thanks to this smart feature you freaking Samsung phone designers. J would get truly pissed.

So when J’s phone subscription tie-in period was over he decided to switch to the same provider I was using, and he got to pick a new phone. He got one for me to use and I have to say I was pretty excited to get it. It was the new SE Z520a – a camera phone, with a unique antenna, much much sleeker than my old one.

When I finally got it it was just as pretty as I imagined.

And I had a really cool ringtone called FilterFreak.

It had this pretty annoying way of taking pictures of my pocket (a very sensitive side button) but I could live with that.

Unfortunately the phone hanged one day and after that I think the mic went bonkers. No one could hear me speak. J would call, I would answer “hello hello hellllooooowww” and then he would mutter “Oh gad I can’t believe this” 😛

So the SE is back in the shop and I am back to my lowtech crappo mobile. And there ends my foray into the universe of cool phones.